by Traci E. Hall

June 2010
ISBN: 9781605420783
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Mass Market Paperback

The most important thing to Ela is the safety of her family. During the reign of King John, safety is precarious at best. But Ela devises a plan which will bring her family into what she believes is the least dangerous place to be at that time. If she can marry into the new regime surely it will give the Montahues a safety net. She has chosen Thomas de Havel to be her husband. He claims to be the son of John and that makes him the ideal candidate. Ela follows through with her plan to pursue Thomas only to have him reject her. When Ela sees Thomas for who he really is, she is glad to be free of him. She didn’t have the foresight to stay silent about it, however. Now Ela is a challenge to Thomas and the game changes. He swears to have her even if he must kill her family to do so.

Osbert Edyvean is charged with the task of finding Boadicea’s spear. In return he will be granted land, a home, and a handful of men to start the life he has been working so hard to attain. His search has brought him to the Montahue Manor. Os is there to witness Thomas de Havel’s temper. Shortly thereafter, Os must rescue Ela. She agrees to go with him and try to find the Iceni Queen’s sword.

Her troubles keep piling up. First, there is Boadicea. According to the legacy, Boadicea’s bloodline cannot marry without love. To do so means forfeiting the powers each daughter has been given. Ela is willing to give up her healing powers and the ability to read auras as long as it means her present and future family will be safe from King John’s greedy reach. Secondly, Thomas has started a personal war against the Montahues. She is beginning to fall for Os, a man who has sworn not to lie with a woman until he is married, yet he won’t marry without land. The land won’t be his until he has the spear. To make everything worse, Thomas’ mother is murdered and it looks like Ela may have done the deed.

Instead of begging Boadicea to release her from the ’curse’, Ela will have to seek help from her ancestor. Only when the past meets the present will the answers come to both Ela and Os.

Boadicea’s Legacy is book three in the Boadicea series by Traci E. Hall. The author continues the thrilling pace of intrigue, romance, and magic that she began with Love’s Magic and Beauty’s Curse. The inner conflict Os faces is well-written and helps move the plot forward while Ela struggles with her own troubles. Together they realize they can not only withstand the battle, but win the war.

This story is written as a stand alone, but it would be cheating the reader if she didn’t start at the beginning of the series.

Reviewed in June 2010 by Rho.

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