by Karen Young

June 2010
ISBN: 978-1-4165-8749-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Simon and Schuster
Trade Paperback

Jane didnít really want to take her sixteen year old step-daughter, Melanie, to the parade, but her husband, Kyle, had to work. She had to bundle up her six-month-old son, Max, and take him along too. When Melanie was hungry Jane left Max in Melanieís care and went to order food. Before she even received her food someone kidnapped Max while Melanieís attention was distracted.

Now Melanie, Jane, and Kyle are struggling to adjust to the Max size hole in their lives. Melanie is no longer happy, but withdrawn and angry. Kyle and Jane are having marital problems. Jane canít focus on her job and is volunteering too many hours at the missing children center.

Lead after lead goes no where, and weeks go by without a word. Is there any hope that Max will ever be found, alive?

Missing Max is the first book Iíve read by award winning author, Karen Young, but it certainly wonít be the last. When I read the back cover copy of this book, I didnít think it would sound much like a book I would be interested in, but I was pleasantly surprised.

The story telling pretty much gripped me from page one, and kept my attention all the way through the book. Parts of it might be construed as a bit contrived, but they donít stand out too much in the reading ó only in the thinking back after you finished turning the last page.

The characters are realistically developed, though sometimes I wanted to shake Melanie and Kyle for their actions. And I have to say that I love Daniel, the boy ďnext door.Ē He is a sweetheart. Donít miss Missing Max.

Reviewed in July 2010 by Laura.

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