by Susan Mallery

July 2010
ISBN: 978-0-373-77490-6
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Mass Market Paperback

Liz Sutton survived a neglected, abusive childhood to become a successful writer. She and her son Tyler have a comfortable life in San Francisco. When she thinks about her past, it is often colored with regrets, but not guilt. Not until her nieces call for help.

She didn't even know she had nieces. Her older brother Roy had not kept in touch and now apparently was in prison. His current wife had abandoned his daughters in the family home with out a backward glance. The two girls have been going through the motions of a normal life but the money is gone and they are alone and frightened. Of course Liz will come back to Fool's Gold to help them.

Coming back to the site of her most humiliating memories is difficult. Knowing that people in Fool's Gold will dredge up her past is almost more than she can imagine. Facing Tyler's father, knowing that he wants nothing to do with his son or her will be the hardest part of all.

Ethan Hendrix thought he was hallucinating. That couldn't be Liz Sutton, could it? What was she doing back in Fool's Gold? He has not seen her in person for over a decade, but her beauty still hits him in the gut. They were so young, too young really to handle the passion between them. Maybe if she is in town for a while they can see if there is anything left.

Revelations abound in Almost Perfect, the second novel in Susan Mallery's Fool's Gold series. Ethan and Liz have both been misled and getting past that deceit will prove to be a daunting task. Add in a whole town of opinionated busybodies and you have fireworks a plenty, not just on the Fourth of July. Ms. Mallery has created completely believable characters, and they nearly step off the page. The emotions run high in Almost Perfect, and readers are swept up into the family dramas. There is joy and sadness, passion and pain all wrapped up in a great love story. I have a feeling I won't want this series to end.

Reviewed in June 2010 by Paula.

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