by Anne Stuart

August 2010
ISBN: 978-0-7783-2848-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Mira Books
Mass Market Paperback

Elinor Harriman is in a desperate situation. Her mother is insane because of the Spanish disease. Her innocent sister is always flirting with her virtue. They barely have enough to eat, and their hovel of a house is barely standing. Can things get any worse? Yes. Her insane mother takes the last of their money and runs off to gamble it away. The worst part is where she runs there are no rules, morals, or inhibitions. The rule of the Heavenly Host is “Do what thou wilt”. Elinor has to save her mother and the last of their precious stash before it is too late. So she runs after her, into the diabolical clutches of Viscount Rohan, aka, the King of Hell.

Viscount Francis Rohan is bored with all of the indulgences and pleasures of the Heavenly Host. He is bored with the beautiful women. He is just bored with life in general until he sets his eyes on the feisty spitfire Elinor, there to champion her whore of a mother. She does not fall at his feet like everyone else. She faces him head on, and, shockingly, he likes it.

Ruthless is a really good book. It has intrigue, murder, sexual tension, and romance. Every aspect of this book is enjoyable. This is truly a page turner. I could not wait to get back to this read. I was so engaged it was hard to for me to grade papers!! I love this book. Please don’t miss this treat.

Reviewed in July 2010 by Lakisha.

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