by Serena Illyria

March 2010
ISBN: 978-1-59578-681-4
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Nia has always been an odd ball in her family. She is the only un-witch in her family of very influential witches. She has always been pushed to the corner and ignored. When she turns twenty-one, she joins a community of outcasts in a little town called Strange Hollow. Nia is pretty content with her life. She has a couple of friends, a house, and her own teashop. But she has no man. On her thirtieth birthday, she knows something is missing, but she is too shy to pursue it. So, then a hot werewolf has her in his sights to be his mate, all the attention is both enticing and a bit mind blowing.

Bishop was kicked out of his pack because his mate openly refused him. He found in Strange Hollow a group of outcasts that accepted each other no matter what. He has been watching Nia for a while and she has peaked a hunger in him that no one else can fill but her. He imagines all the naughty, wicked things he will do to her. He will have her as his mate!!

When they meet it is like fireworks have exploded. Nia is hot for him and he is hard for her.

Seducing a Wallflower is a good quick read. You are immediately drawn into the story. The characters are outcasts, therefore, you want them to be happy because they have been cast off by their family and closest friends. I must warn you the love scenes in this story are incredibly intense. The pages should be on fire, seriously. Get ready to be sucked in. You'll love it.

Reviewed in May 2010 by Lakisha.

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