by Jules Bennett

March 2010
ISBN: 13:978-0-373-73017-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Silhouette #2004
Mass Market Paperback

Ruthless businessman Stanley Donovan had stolen the prized Lani Kaimana resort from the Stone family when they were at their most vulnerable. Their father was on his deathbed when the resort was purchased by Donovan, and Brady and Cade Stone had made it their mission to reacquire the property no matter what the cost or who got hurt.

This explains Bradyís current trip to Kauai, HI to confront Donovan heir Sam Donovan who is currently managing the property for his father. Upon his arrival Brady soon learns that Sam Donovan is really the very attractive Samantha Donovan and he sets in motion a plan to get his revenge and his resort back by Seducing The Enemyís Daughter.

Sam Donovan has wanted one thing her whole life and that is to be accepted and respected by her father. Her mother died when Sam was very young and it has always been clear to her that her father has favored her brother Miles over her. She is convinced that if she can just make a success of the Lani Kaimana resort that she can finally earn her fatherís love and respect.

From the moment Sam meets difficult guest Brady Stone she feels an attraction to him. Itís too bad Sam doesnít have time for a social life. Brady feels an attraction too and he is determined to use Sam to get the information he needs to get his resort back and have a little fun in the process. He turns on the charm and soon has Sam responding just as he had planned.

Author Jules Bennett has hit the ground running with her first release for the Silhouette Desire imprint. Ms. Bennett has created a story that will draw her readers in and leave them wanting more from this talented writer. Brady and Sam are both likeable characters that readers will quickly warm up to and root for. Ms. Bennett also sets the stage for her second Desire release, For Business...Or Marriage, out next month. This is the story of Bradyís brother Cade and his assistant Abby and I for one canít wait to read it.

Jules Bennett is definitely an author to watch as I predict that she will fast become a reader favorite. With her captivating characters, witty dialogue, and smart story lines, whatís not to like? Grab your copy of Seducing The Enemyís Daughter today and get ready to enjoy a good old-fashioned romance. Jules Bennett is a fresh new voice in the Desire line.

Reviewed in April 2010 by Barbara.

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