by Jory Strong

September 2010
ISBN: 978-0-425-23653-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Trade Paperback

Rebekka works hard to try to heal the pain and wounds of others. At the brothel she works at she sees the hurt and horror that comes with being a shifter so, she does what she can to heal the many shifters working as prostitutes. Unfortunately, her gift is not yet fully realized so she cannot truly give them the solace they crave. But a witch’s prophecy and a new gift slowly start to emerge and change Rebekka.

Aryck, a pure Jaguar enforcer, has been sent to find Rebekka and bring her back to Jaguar lands so she can heal a family that is slowly being eaten alive by human technology. The Jaguar shaman saw Rebekka as the only cure for the Jaguars so, despite his lack of trust in humans, Aryck does what he must. He never expects to want Rebekka so much however even as he knows she could never truly be his mate.

In this world of secrets and lies, Rebekka is in immense danger. Will she have the courage to accept her gift, to heal others, and to finally find the love she has been craving?

Healer’s Choice is the new story by Jory Strong set in the same post-apocalyptic world as Ghostland and Spider-Touched. It may be better to read those books beforehand since some of Healer’s Choice refers back to events in the other books.

This story took me awhile to get into, unfortunately. The first few chapters are filled with endless detail and the introduction of a few new characters. It can be hard to keep track of exactly what is going on, or what Rebekka’s true purpose is. Fortunately, the book really picks up steam when she is off to Jaguar lands and meets Aryck. Jory Strong’s amazing talent for creating intense and unstoppable attractions comes through loud and clear. Unfortunately, the choices these two face are difficult and will not be solved by falling in love. The rest of the story was much more of a page-turner and I became more invested in what happened to Rebekka, the shape-shifters she was trying to help, and of course, Aryck who seems a bit cruel initially.

Healer’s Choice is not a light read by any means. There is hurt and anger, distrust and bad decisions, but there is also the power of finally making choices, of discovering who you are and coming to grips with that. Aryck and Rebekka have a hard fight for each other, but they both realize that it is worth it.?

Reviewed in August 2010 by Sarah.

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