by Adele Ashworth

December 2001
ISBN: 1-380-81806-X
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Mass Market Paperback

From two different worlds, divided by class strictures in a realistic portrayal of hurt, pain, mistrust and love that raises above all Adele Ashworth delivers with Someone Irresistible a highly emotional read which delves into the depths of it all.

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Mimi Marsh is a talented dinosaur sculptor who in order to hide her father's growing inability to perform the task himself, takes over his projects. At a mayor exhibition with all the most important scientists in Victorian England in attendance, Nathan Price, a palaeontologist and a professional associate of Mimi's father, succumbs to her charms when she leads him away from his priceless dinosaur artefacts to be seduced into an unforgettable kiss, only to discover once back at the exhibition all his findings are stolen and his reputation ruined.

Away for the three commencing years on digs in Europe Nathan has turned more ruthless, calculating and sure of his worth and his friends and foes. So that on the eve of another big gathering of England's scientists he approaches Mimi with a proposition she can't refuse, demanding of her the help to clear his name, if not for him that at least to prove that her father had nothing to do with the three-year-old scandal. But Mimi has another agenda altogether, she might be a widow of Nathan's former biggest rival, but she never forgot that kiss and sets out to seduce him again.

With her growing desire for Nathan, her urge to prolong their togetherness and knowing more about the incidents leading up to the scandal than she reveals, she has to face the difficult decision on who to place first in her loyalty, her father's honour or Nathan's.

She is very honest with herself; a character trait that is missing in many romance heroines, and a fact that first surprised and then enthralled me. And in all her needs, wantonness, brazenness and boldness she maintains an air of vivaciousness that is never sluttish or obscene.

It's not just her beauty that is alluring but her intelligence and talent. The same goes for Nathan - Yes, he is tall, dark and handsome, but it is not just those qualities that Adele Ashworth draws to the readers' attention. It is far more his character and his deeds that make him desirable and lovable, as it is not Nathan's birth that makes him a worthwhile human being and a respected man, he is not of noble birth, but his own hard work, his honour and integrity.

The world of academics and science, not the world of lords and ladies idling away their time and money, allows for very liberal minded individuals, even radical in some of their ideas and views. Their portrayal and that of Victorian society with the discussions on ethics and morals concerning the founds of dinosaur bones and the following evolutional theories are very intriguing, challenging and give the hero and heroine various chances to reveal their engaging personalities.

Oh and do look out for a very interesting discussion on apples

Enjoying and recommending Mimi and Nathan's story Someone Irresistible I'm now hoping for their friend Justin's story next.

Reviewed in November 2001 by Kris Alice.

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