by Chloe Neill

July 2010
ISBN: 978-0-452-23064-5
Reviewer Graphic Button New American Library
Trade Paperback

While Merit is still discovering her new vampire powers and feeling her way through the post of sentinel — house protector — she must accept a new assignment she’ll probably regret.

Other supernaturals, shapeshifters from across the country, have come to convene in Chicago. As a gesture of peace, Master vampire Ethan Sullivan has offered their leader a special bodyguard — Merit. She is supposed to guard their Alpha, Gabriel Keene, and to spy for the vampires. But things are not as they seem and someone is out to kill Gabriel.

Faced with rising tensions between the vampires and the shifters, temptation from her boss, and would be assassins, Merit has got her hands full...

Twice Bitten is a delightful paranormal read. Sassy, sarcastic and dangerous, Merit is as witty as ever. Her snarky narrative never fails to make me smile. The relationship between her and Ethan is as compelling as ever. In this book, the ‘will-they-won’t-they’ aspect is a certain extent. As a reader I felt elated that Ms. Neill had dedicated a book focusing on their relationship rather than the love triangles of previous stories.

One thing I always enjoy about the Chicagoland series is the fight scenes. They are emotive, drawing the reader in, giving them a sense of all the heart pounding action without being too dry and descriptive.

In this book there is an interesting additional character group - the shifters. I liked how the author focused on the magical aspect of the shifters rather than labeling their main characteristic as brute strength. It was refreshing to see these shifters being more magically able than the vampires.

The only criticism I have is the plot took a while to unfold; at the beginning I felt the book was slow paced compared to the others in the series.

Despite this one small criticism, Twice Bitten is worthy of a place in the elite of the urban fantasy genre. Another compelling addition to the series!

Reviewed in July 2010 by Donna.

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