by Gina Gordon

April 2010
ISBN: 978-1-926771-36-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Breathless Press

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Coffee has never tasted so sexy...

Becca always starts her day the same way Ė sipping a cup of coffee and drooling over Mr. Sexy. Knowing her fantasy can never be more than a dream, Becca is shocked and surprised when the elevator breaks down on her way to work. Not a lover of confined spaces, she is surprised to find Mr. Sexy is her only companion and he has a novel way of distracting her from an impending panic attack. A distraction that involves something hot, something dirty.

Her Five Favorite Words really is a quickie in every sense of the word. At only 17 pages long itís very short. With such a limited word count itís hard to include storyline or character development. However, Ms. Gordon manages to give us enough back story and makes the characters extremely likable.

Hasnít everyone had a wild fantasy about a hot guy in the Starbucks queue? The only difference in Her Five Favorite Words is Becca gets to live out her fantasy when the elevator breaks down. The sex is downright dirty and is extremely well written.

Quality erotica at its best, Her Five Favorite Words is a short, sexy quickie you wonít want to miss.

Reviewed in April 2010 by Donna.

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