by Alexander Potter

April 2010
ISBN: 978-0-452-29588-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Plume
Trade Paperback

Charlotte Merryweather lives her life with a list of things to do everyday of her life. She is successful, beautiful and very driven. Her past and present are about to collide with a little help from a VW Beetle.

Charlotte thinks she is going crazy, she thinks she just saw herself when she was twenty years old and just starting out. She knows people are going to think she is crazy if she says anything, so she keeps quiet and tries to find time any way she can to figure this mystery out.

Charlotte decides she is going to help her younger self and make sure she does not make the same mistakes she originally made, but in round about way, the younger Charlotte teaches the teacher about life, love and more importantly trusting one self and the importance of self worth.

I adored this book, it is fast paced, the characters are lovable, charming and made me think would it not be grand if I could run into my younger self and learn a thing or two to prevent making some bad decisions. The author Alexandria Potter also wrote Me and Mr. Darcy, which is also a grand adventure. Don't miss The Two Lives of Miss Charlotte Merryweather.

Reviewed in August 2010 by Pat.

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