by D. L. Jackson

March 2010
ISBN: 978-1-59578-675-3
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When a wolf bites Colonel Kaleb Titan geneticist and commander of the Genesis I (aka the Ark) and gamma radiation changes his DNA, his libido goes haywire and he can no longer resist the lure of his beautiful female crew mates. Even worse, they dont seem to want him to control his wolfish urges.

But when their sister ship, the Genesis II arrives early bringing with it a host of alien invaders, Kaleb must make a decision that could save mankind, but it involves waging biological warfare against humans.

As Kaleb, Melissa and Jessica battle against time, it becomes obvious only one species can survive.

Last Flight of the Ark has an interesting premise. Take the human species and launch them into space, looking for a new world to settle; add in some radiation and a freaky canine mutation, an enemy who started out as the mysterious Atlanteans, and a battle to save humanity couple all this with scorching sex and you should have an amazing book. Honestly, by the end, this reviewer felt a little let down.

The book starts off with a bang. We meet Kaleb and his crew Melissa and Jessica. As a reader, you are quickly thrust into the futuristic world where radiation and space travel causes a mutation, turning Kaleb into a werewolf. His transformation from upright captain to hot Alpha who needs sex is fun to read. His relationship with his two crew mates becomes hot and steamy, but also has the added element of emotion as they have been trapped on the ship together for numerous months beforehand. I like the fact Ms. Jackson did not shy away from including a F/F relationship. Kudos to the author for that.

There is lots of great technical description. Its easy to tell the author is a fan of sci-fi.

By the end however, the plot became confusing. I was lost in places. Too many characters, too many details.

Despite this, Last Flight of the Ark is worth a read especially, if you are a fan of sci-fi erotica.

Reviewed in April 2010 by Donna.

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