by Jill Shure

March 2010
ISBN: 978-0982410516
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Trade Paperback

Jeri Devlin went to sleep in 1997 and woke up in the 1930's. She now needs to locate her brother and her ancestors. She needs to find a way back to her time before time is up and is forever stuck in the past.

Jeri Devlin must leave New York and Lex, to avoid the determined gangsters wanting to hurt her. Lex is in no condition to travel, he needs to recover from tuberculosis in a well-known sanitarium. Jeri finds herself in Hollywood and finds her ancestors. She does like them much, they are overbearing and mean. She somehow finds a friend in a brothel of all places and is offered a place to stay, without any strings attached. She also discovers the underbelly side of the glamor and glitz of Hollywood life, she is forced to do things she never thought she would have to do in order to survive. She meets Franky Wyatt, a movie star, his fame has faded and he will do whatever it takes to make it shine again, no matter who he has to step over to achieve his goal. While she is attracted to Franky, she wants to find a way back to Les, the one man she can not live out.

This is the sequel to Night Jazz. As I did not read the first book, I was lost at parts of the book. It is a interesting storyline, there is passion, romance, intrigue, and the bright lights of 1930's Hollywood. Fans of Jill Shure will find this a satisfying novel.

Reviewed in August 2010 by Pat.

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