by Linda Howard

August 2010
ISBN: 978-0345506894
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Jaclyn Wilde and her mother own Premier, one of the elite wedding consultant companies in Buckhead, a suburb of Atlanta, and she is bemoaning the fact that her mother has scheduled six weddings in five days, not counting the consultations on future weddings that have to be taken care of at the same time. Actually, in the middle of all these weddings, Jaclyn has consultations with Carrie Edwards, the Bridezilla of all Bridezillas that she is oh, so not looking forward to but it’s got to be done! So the last place she needs to be right now is City Hall, paying a traffic ticket of all things...or maybe having to pay a ticket isn’t such a bad thing after all, considering the hunk detective that almost knocked her down and then rescued her and her briefcase. However, she doesn’t have time for a man and puts him out of her mind as she heads to Premier and Bridezilla and a very busy day. That night, she stops at a bar she’s never frequented, for one drink only and, lo and behold, Mr. Hunk is there!

Detective Eric Wilder certainly likes the from behind view he got of the mystery woman but, he knows that she is way out of his league...if he were interested, which he is. Little does he know what Fate has in store for him later that evening. Eric invites himself to Jaclyn’s table and introduce themselves to get to know one another. Fate isn’t done with these two quite yet, but what a (bumpy) ride it is!

Veil of Night by Linda Howard had a good “who-dun-it” mystery, an absolutely fantastic hero and heroine, a great cast of secondary characters and Ms. Howard’s wicked sense of humor all pulled together into a fabulous read. Outside of work, Jaclyn is a lonely person, while at work, she’s a no-nonsense businesswoman who tries to do the best she can for her clients, whether she agrees with them or not. Eric is a cop, with a strong sense of black and white, and to have to question Jaclyn about a murder, shortly after leaving her bed is NOT on his list of favorite things to do. Unfortunately, he has no choice since Jaclyn seems to have the best motive and opportunity for killing “Bridezilla”. Luckily for Jaclyn, she also has witnesses who can alibi her.

Veil of Night is a fun book to read – primary and secondary characters were fun, especially everyone that works with Jaclyn (fantastic loyalty) and Eric’s partner/boss. Figuring out the villain was easy...and hard, since there were two of them but, Ms. Howard take us on such an emotional roller-coaster ride throughout the book, who cares! Kudos Ms. Howard and Thank You!

Reviewed in September 2010 by PamL.

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