by Juliet Burns, Jennifer Lynne, Kathleen Scott, Kate St. James

February 2010
ISBN: 978-1-60310-120-2 1-60310-120-9
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The Pirate’s Possession by Juliet Burns

Lady Gertrude Fitzpatrick is desperate to escape her money grubbing cousin. He wants to marry her and usurp the inheritance her father left her at his untimely death. Her mother is a willing part of her cousin’s plan to take her virtue in order to force Tru to marry. Her only hope is Captain Ewan MacGowan. He is a handsome pirate on the run, but she needs him desperately. Ewan is willing to let her ride his ship with her body as payment. Can Tru resist being the total possession of Ewan heart, body, and soul?

Seducing Serena by Jennifer Lynn

Serena is looking for a nice, quiet, safe relationship. In a word, she NEEDS boring. So she puts an personal ad in the newspaper, and begins interviews for a boyfriend. In walks this bronze Adonis, Nicholas Wade. Totally inappropriate for what she is looking for. He is anything but safe. Serena looks at him and her panties are on fire! Even though, Serena knows this is a bad idea, her body refuses to listen. Succumb to the heat his eyes and sensuous mouth promises or run scared?

Mind Games by Kathleen Scott

Damien has waited a lifetime to find her, his Varti partner, Jade. He has been brushing against her mind for many years. Jade all this time has been thinking she was crazy or bipolar or something. For many years she has been wondering what is this voice she hears in her head. Not only that why, has her home been like a virtual prison for most of her life? When she discovers that the voice in her head is a living, breathing man, Jade realizes this is her chance at escape. Since Jade’s father is out to kill all Varti and destroy their telepathic connection, Damien and Jade will not only be saving their relationship, but the fate of many lies in their hands. How’s that for pressure?

Kiss Me at Midnight by Kate St. James

Callie Hutchins’ television show is on a fast track to the top, and she is willing to go the extra mile to get there. Unfortunately, she is in deep lust with her arrogant, womanizing co-host Marc Shaw. They are trying to get the ratings of their show high for the November sweeps. Here’s an idea, they can pretend that Callie and Marc are having a torrid affair. The trouble is TV is too close to real life for Callie’s comfort. When sweeps is over, Callie’s career will soar, but what about her love life?

Secrets, Volume 28, is pretty steamy. It is not as hot as some of the other volumes of Secrets, but still really engaging. All of the stories have their own appeal. The characters in each story possess chemistry that is piping hot and very satisfying.

Reviewed in May 2010 by Lakisha.