by Mary Wine

February 2010
ISBN: 978-0-7582-3465-0
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Trade Paperback

Bronwyn McQuade does not enjoy the life of privilege simply because her father is Laird Erik McQuade. No, in fact, her life is more difficult because of the fact. The Laird never wanted a daughter. He neither spared Bronwyn a kind word nor a smile. Instead, she has lived the life of a servant. But when the Laird is away, Bronwyn has precious time without the stress of her family. One day she goes out for a ride on the border of her father’s lands. There she meets a man who happens to be her father’s enemy. The meeting was not planned, Bronwyn had never met Cullen McJames before that day. But the memory of his sinfully handsome looks and shameless flirting will remain tucked within her heart forever.

Cullen McJames doesn’t care if he is caught on McQuade land. Especially after happening upon the lovely lass who refuses to give her name. His suspicions are confirmed, however, when a McQuade son and his men appear. The greedy Laird sees an opportunity to approach the king once more in hopes of a McJames being thrown into prison. Erik McQuade cries foul to the king, telling everyone at court that Cullen McJames has ruined his daughter Bronwyn. It is the wrong thing to do. Not only do the McJames clan find favor with the king, Cullen McJames doesn’t take kindly to his name being blackened.

Poor Bronwyn’s memory of a charming man are soon replaced with anger and humiliation. Cullen catches her in the middle of dressing and not waiting until she finishes, he kidnaps Bronwyn while her father and brothers are gone. Cullen intends to marry her in order to save his honor and for revenge against McQuade. But now, Cullen must face the consequences of his actions with Bronwyn. The McQuade is just an annoying little gnat in Cullen’s eyes and the king gave his approval for marriage, but it is Bronwyn who Cullen must appease. He may get his marriage, but he will not get her heart until he has proven Bronwyn is more to him than a means to an end.

In the Warrior’s Bed is book two in a series by Mary Wine. Though I have not read the first book I had no trouble following this story. One of the reasons I love historical novels set in Scotland is the family dynamic involved in the clans. I wasn‘t disappointed. The author‘s eye for detail added to the enjoyment rather than taking it away.

In Cullen’s story there is plenty of action both in and out of the bedroom to keep a reader interested to the end. The struggle for land, which equaled power in those days, reaches into Cullen and Bronwyn’s growing relationship adding danger and violence to their lives. I understood Bronwyn’s pride getting in her way, but I really appreciated that the author didn’t wait for Cullen to admit his feelings until the last page.

Reviewed in June 2010 by Rho.

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