by Ronald Anthony

May 2003
ISBN: 0-765-30405-8
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The Forever Year by Ronald Anthony is not a romance in the traditional sense of the word. It is however an emotionally touching book, which readers will enjoy on several different levels.

The Forever Year is the story of Mickey Sienna, an elderly man whose wife passed away several years earlier. Mickey’s physical and mental health is of great concern to his four children. Mickey accidentally starts a fire in his home causing his children to hold a family conference and decide that he needs to move to an assisted living apartment. His three oldest children see this as the best solution. His youngest son, Jesse, however does not agree. He suggests that Mickey combines his home with Jesse’s. Jesse sees this an opportunity to bond with his father in a way that being the youngest did not allow him to as he was growing up.

Jesse is not prepared for the trials and tribulations that come with again living with your parent. It’s a rough road for both Mickey and Jesse as they have to get acclimated to living with each other, without Dorothy Seinna to mediate. The road takes an unexpected turn when Mickey meets Marina, Jesse’s girlfriend. Mickey and Marina form a mutual admiration society and for awhile things are going great for all parties.

Mickey however sees things in Marina and Jesse’s relationship that they don’t see or refuse to acknowledge. He knows better than to tell these things to Jesse, so he takes another approach. He tells him a story. This story is emotional, for both Jesse and Mickey, and plays a key part in all the relationships in the book.

The Forever Year is a true keeper of a book. It follows the relationship between a father and a son in the difficult task of role reversal..child being the caregiver, and parent being the dependent. Again, this summer I found myself staying up late to finish a book. The book jacket tells me that Mr. Anthony is working on his second book, and I look forward to it with bated breath.

Reviewed in July 2003 by Sandi.

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