by Lynn Kurland

May 2010
ISBN: 978-0-515-14791-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Jove Books
Mass Market Paperback

As I read Lynn Kurland’s latest time travel romance, One Enchanted Evening, I was struck by the desire to talk to the author. I wanted to ask her how she decides which character to write about next. She has created her worlds and filled them with so many interesting people. It must be difficult to settle on just one. Do they appear, like her quartet of helpful ghosts, and demand to be heard? How does she decide if they will remain in the present or travel back in time to live? Alas, I will probably never know. Thankfully, I do not need to know the answers to enjoy her books. This one is no exception.

As a young man, Montgomery de Piaget had a vision. The air shimmered and there she was – a faery, wings and all! As quickly as she appeared, the vision was gone and Montgomery put aside his foolish notions. There were more important tasks ahead. He must become a knight worthy of his father and older brothers. He must be able to defend his family and home against invaders. There was no room for fanciful thoughts.

Pippa Alexander is not really sure what she did, but one thing is certain; Karma has a wicked sense of timing. First there was a torn costume at the Seattle theatre, then a fire in her apartment building. What else could go wrong? She already lost everything she owned including her collection of vintage fabrics. The only good luck was in grabbing her thumb drive full of designs before fleeing the smoke-filled hallway. At least she would still be able to show her designs to that English investor. Never ask Karma for second helpings.

Her sister Cyndi has decided that she is also a designer, and has horned in on Pippa’s trip to England. She already has her sights on Stephen de Piaget. Pippa isn’t worried. She knows that her work is better. Now to just get Cyndi out of the way...One wrong shove and they both end up in Medieval England, dressed as fairies.

Thus begins the tale of Pippa and Montgomery, a story started years before when Pippa stepped through a fairy ring and gave him a glimpse of the future. I think readers will be entranced with One Enchanted Evening as much as I was.

Reviewed in April 2010 by Paula.

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