by Patricia Lewin

April 2003
ISBN: 0-345-44322-5
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Does there ever come a time when life forces you to face your worst nightmares? What should you do when you know that you shouldn’t go back home, but you can only trust the one you left behind? Those questions and more are answered in Patricia Lewin’s debut, Blind Run .

Ethan Decker thought that he had already lived through the worst that life had to offer him. Three years ago, his son’s death had sent him running. Running from what he had become and the man who had pulled the trigger. Ethan knew the killer. He also knew that his wife would be the next target, so he ran. He disappeared or so he thought.

Then one day, an old teammate shows up. To Ethan’s utter dismay, she has two children in tow. Demanding that Ethan watch the kids, she drives off. He finds her dead with a coin under her tongue. The coin is the symbol of his worst nightmare, the same killer who had murdered his son. Grabbing the children, he runs again.

Sydney Decker has tried for three years to overcome the loss of her son and her husband. She’s picked up the pieces and slowly moved on. With a new love interest, she’s thinking about starting new life. At that moment Ethan crashes back into her life with two children and a group of bad guys on his trail. Should she turn him away or take a chance on allowing him back into her life and maybe breaking her heart again?

It is a chilling tale of lies and assassins. We are treated to the icy trained killers and the warming youth of innocent children. The comparison of the two causes shivers to run down the spine. Ethan and Sydney’s troubled past is complex. Watching their relationship evolve to something stronger than it was before is an interesting theme to follow throughout the story. The children, Danny and Callie, become great secondary characters.

If you’re looking for a good suspense story with a touching second chance at love, pick up Blind Run and enjoy.

Reviewed in March 2004 by Jenni.

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