by Christine Feehan

May 2010
ISBN: 978-0-515-14790-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Jove Books
Mass Market Paperback

Conner Vega has come home to Panama. He has stayed away from the jungles of his childhood for too long. He has come to face his demons and to stop a group of criminals who are enslaving his people. He betrayed his mate, and the leopard-shifter bears the scars of her rage. He knows that they will never be together again, but that doesn't mean he cannot try to make amends.

Conner is shocked to find that the person who hired his team is none other than his mate, Isabeau. She brought him home on purpose. She needs his help. But how can he possibly help her when his cat roars to claim her, to mark her, to drag her into the forest until she submits?

Isabeau does not understand the emotions she feels whenever Connor is around. She should kill him for his betrayal and the death of her father, but something inside her remembers how it felt to be in his arms, to love him and be loved. Was it all just a job? Does he feel anything for her?

Isabeau has no idea that she is also a leopard-shifter and that she raked claws down his face at their last meeting. She has no understanding about what is happening inside her own skin or that her cat is nearly ready to emerge.

Wild Fire is the third novel in the leopard series by Christine Feehan. The animalistic natures of the leopard people lay very close to the surface. At times, this makes the stories a little hard to take. There is more violence in their behavior and they are more cat than human in their psyches. They are the perfect weapons to go up against the evil people they hunt, but it keeps them from being as sympathetic as they could be. I just don't warm up to the characters, and find the book easy to put down. Even in the midst of the action, I know who is on top of the food chain in the jungle. The journey to the romance is not as enjoyable for me.

Reviewed in April 2010 by Paula.

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