by Diana Palmer

July 2003
ISBN: 1-55166-708-8
Reviewer Graphic Button Mira Books

Texas Ranger Judd Dunn has known Christabel Gaines for most of her life. Their families have owned and operated a ranch together for years. Judd has never seen Christabel as more than the young girl he saved from an abusive father. Christabel, on the other hand, has loved Judd for as long as she can remember but he never noticed. The two of them married when Christabel was sixteen in order to save the ranch from bankruptcy.

With a movie crew—and its glamorous female lead—in town filming at the ranch Christabel has to compete for Judd’s time – and maybe his heart. But little does Christabel know that she does not go completely unnoticed by all men. Assistant Chief of Police Cash Grier is drawn to Christabel’s innocent allure and begins to spend a great deal of time out at the ranch – much to Judd’s annoyance. An interesting situation is made perilous when Christabel is the target of some violent attacks aimed at Judd. Christabel and Judd must put their demons to rest and confront their rivals in order to deal with their growing desire for each other.

With well developed characters and lushly sensual love scenes this book is sure to please die hard fans and draw new readers a plenty. As a long-time reader, I can honestly say that I am thoroughly enjoying Ms. Palmer’s new format. Compared to her category romances (Silhouettes) the characters in her longer hardcover and mass market paperbacks are better developed. The story can pretty much be about the progression of the main characters’ relationship than background information. You know, the important stuff.

So, pour yourself a tall glass of something cool, draw yourself a hot bath, and light some candles. This is another one for the keeper shelf.


Reviewed in June 2003 by Cynthia.

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