by Sherrilyn Kenyon

July 2003
ISBN: 0-312-98482-0
Reviewer Graphic Button St. Martin`s Press
Mass Market Paperback

Talon is satisfied with his life as a Dark-Hunter. Forcing the pain of his human life aside, Talon has made the most of his fate. He lives in the bayou with alligators for pets, owns all types of Alpha-male toys, and revels in his abilities as a bad, bad Daimon hunter, sworn to protect humankind from their evil ways. He is a walking advertisement for sin, sex and other dark pleasures.

When he rescues Sunshine Runningwolf from a Daimon attack, he feels an instant attraction. There is something about the vibrant artist that calls out to him. When he is temporarily immobilized by a runaway Mardi Gras float, she takes him back to her apartment. She seems to know instinctively that she will not be harmed by the untamed warrior.

Fans of Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark-Hunter series will certainly get everything they are looking for in Night Embrace. Talon is a brooding hero, with centuries-old pain and anguish. Sunshine is vibrant and outspoken, pouring light into Talon’s world. When these two get together, the pages smolder with their passion. Ms. Kenyon writes love scenes well, with plenty of heat, but just enough room for your imagination to take over. She has given her characters a lot of depth, and the story is full of emotion.

There are glimpses of former Dark-Hunter heros, Kyrian and Julian, as well as several new faces, all squired by the irreverent Nick Gautier. The readers are introduced to Sanctuary, the biker-bar that serves as the unofficial gathering place for the various Hunter groups that live in and around New Orleans. As if all that wasn’t enough, readers also will learn a little more about the enigmatic leader Acheron, and his tortured past.

I had only one little complaint about Night Embrace. Since I have visited Ms. Kenyon’s Dark-Hunter website and know all about the scrumptious men who grace her pages, I was disappointed that the “live” Talon model was not used in the back-cover art. The model fit the written description, tattoo and all, and it is a shame that the publisher did not use him. I know that it’s petty, but after the stunning cover for the debut novel, Fantasy Lover, it seems a shame not to continue the series by utilizing the magnificent array of manhood that she has assembled as her cast of characters.

Reviewed in June 2003 by Paula.

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