by Cornelia Amiri

ISBN: 1-58749-117-6
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The Fox Prince is set during the Saxon/Celtic wars in England centering on the Princedom of Lichester with Tryffin as the ruling prince. He falls in love with Aelfrida, a young Saxon girl, however she blames him for the death of her parents, who were on the run when they were slain by the young prince's soldiers.

Aelfrida and Tryffin marry early in the book. The prince needed to marry to secure the Princedom after the death of his parents and he wanted to be sure of getting Aelfrida as his bride. But Aelfrida vows she will never give her heart to Tryffin. Tryffin, on the other hand, is totally in love with her and is equally determined she shall love him in return.

The historical period is well worked into the story. I felt I got to know the customs of both the Saxons and the early Celts very well. It is an interesting period and Ms. Amiri has done an admirable job of including intriguing details that make the story convincing.

There is plenty passion in the story as well. The plot in the story, which involves a sly gentleman who has his sights on Aelfrida and treachery and deceit in Tryffin's Princedom, isn't that strong, though the battle scenes with the Saxons are well described.

There are many secondary characters in the story; Aelfrida's foster Fathers and Tryffin's sister Nesta all add weight to the tale. Nesta was my favourite, a highly spirited young lady, who became close to Aelfrida after her marriage to Tryffin.

For most of the book, Aelfrida and Tryffin constantly read each other wrong. And even after she has his child, she assumes that he no longer desires her and he thinks the same of her. I felt they should have had more fiery rows than the misunderstandings that they had, as both were strong characters. Aelfrida is definitely her own worst enemy because if she had talked more of what troubled her she would easily have got satisfactory answers. Though, of course, this may have shortened the story considerably!

I give the book four stars as it is very good on historical detail and the main characters are appealing. The story is a good enough read but I felt there were too many misunderstandings between Aelfrida and Tyrffin that were often times silly, not to mention easily resolved.

Reviewed in January 2002 by Mary.

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