by Jill Winters

June 2003
ISBN: 0-451-41090-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Putnam
Mass Market Paperback

Blushing Pink is a fabulous follow-up to Jill Winters' debut novel Plum Girl. Ms. Winters gives us a tale of a modern woman who is going to school, has a job and a semi-boyfriend, but she still doesnít know what to do with her life and is not happy.

Reese Brock is a twenty-seven year old graduate student, who does not want to do her dissertation. She is not happy with her life at the moment. She knows she wants to write a novel but she hasnít followed through with one of her ideas yet. Can she pull the novel off? What about her semi-boyfriend, Kenneth, that seems non existent? He never calls, never makes any plans. She is definitely not happy with the dress she is to wear for her sister's wedding or the plans that her mother keeps telling her she is doing.

Then Reese encounters Brian Doren, a guy she met at a party two years ago and indulged in a major make-out session. She never saw him again until they met for a semi-informal meeting of the wedding party. He was still as handsome as ever maybe more so now after two years.

Reese and Brian were attracted to each other again instantly, like they had not been apart for two years. The only problem they are both sort-of seeing other people. Can they break it off with these other people to have the happiness they have when they are together? Can two people dissatisfied with their lives make the choices and decisions that will make them happy without causing pain to the other?

The secondary characters are wonderful. They add that little extra flair and quirkiness to the story. There is also a subplot of one of Reesesí sisters that does not take away from the story at all.

Ms. Winters gives us a tale that has shows the growth of one person when she meets the right person. Blushing Pink is also the color that Reese turns a lot in the story. Her family butts into everything and is noisy, and her crazy boss is in the habit of telling people what needs to be done in an embarrassing way or accuses them of things. If you are looking for a story that will draw you in and not let you out until the very end, that will make you smile at some of the antics and maybe cry as well then this story is for you.

Reviewed in May 2003 by Pam.

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