by Leanne Banks, Dixie Browning, Kathie DeNosky

November 2003
ISBN: 0-373-21826-5
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Mass Market Paperback

Home For The Holidays is a trilogy of stories by three fantastic authors that add their own style to each sisters story. The lead in to each story is flawless; the flow from one to the other is seamless.

Leanne Banks starts off the stories with Faith’s Sugar Plum Daddy. Faith is the middle sister and her life has been hard since her divorce and actually before hand. Becky, Faith’s daughter, decides to send a letter asking for among other things, a job for her mom and a dad for her and her brother. Gabe’s company, Raines, Incorporated sponsored the wishes. But can Gabe fulfill all of Becky’s wishes?

Christmas Eve Reunion by Dixie Browning is about the oldest sister, Ann Elise. Ann Elise is going home for a visit after several years of being away. She is reminiscing about Joe, who had taken her to her senior prom and gave Ann Elise her first kiss. The problem was the next day afterwards, now fourteen years later she still thinks about him and is still in love with him. Ann Elise and Joe hole up in a barn to give a dog they rescued the security she needed to have her puppies. Can Ann Elise and Joe get over their past history together to make a future together?

Kathie DeNosky rounds out the stories with New Year’s Baby. New Year’s Baby is the last of the Baker sister’s and is about Marilou. Marilou is not looking forward to going home to visit her sisters, because she is pregnant and doesn’t have a fiancée anymore and hasn’t had one since she found out she was pregnant. So who comes to her rescue, Tate Carson. Can the two of them fool her sisters that they are in love with one another after only just meeting? Marilou and Tate are attracted to each other but neither one of them wants to act on the attraction. Can the two of them get to know each other and fall in love with one another after only a few days? Can the two of them make a real family once the baby is born?

Home For The Holidays gives us each a different story about love and the happiness it can bring when one is least expecting it. Ms. Banks, Ms. Browning and Ms. DeNosky give us a wonderful Christmas book about following ones heart. These three stories are part of the Lone Star Country Club series; you do not have to read the other stories in order to read the Baker sister’s stories. If you are looking for a great holiday read then pick up this Home For The Holidays you will not be disappointed.

Reviewed in November 2003 by Pam.