by Stephanie Burke

April 2003
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A woman really pulling the sword from the stone and handing it to Arthur, a kingdom lost to a simpering man, the same woman cast into stone to wait for a man of equal strength. And that`s just the first page!

Brieana has been cast into stone after finding out she was the rightful ruler of England. The Merlin of legend tricked her and gave the Kingdom to Arthur. Out of remorse, he cast her into stone to wait for a man of equal strength.

And who should find her several thousand years later? Why, Kerian, a famed warrior of course. Together, they must fulfill Brieana`s destiny and thwart an evil plot to control the Isles.

I enjoyed this story, both the interaction and the plot, something I was surprised to find. The heroine was a bit spoiled, but rightly so. However, Kerian met her head on and gave her just as good as he got.

Dragons were renamed, unicorns were real, and our future was explained as Brieana falls into her role as Woman of Legend by thwarting a plot to rule the Isles, and ultimately the world. The only thing keeping this review from a perfect five roses was the over use of exclaimation marks, at what I felt was the inappropiate time and messing up the feelings that I felt should have been evoked by the scene.

Still, this was an enjoyable read, and I recommend it to any fantasy or futuristic fan!

Reviewed in May 2003 by Lucy.

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