by Nora Roberts

July 2010
ISBN: 978-0-399-15657-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Putnam

Nora Roberts is back with her latest book, The Search. It is classic Nora Roberts from start to finish.

Fiona Bristow is a professional canine search and rescue trainer and all around dog lover. Her current loves, Peck, Newman, and Bogart, give her all the happiness she needs in her quiet but fulfilling life. Then Jaws comes into her life with puppy enthusiasm, led by a handsome if blunt owner named Simon Doyle. Jaws is tearing Simonís house apart with puppy teeth and he needs Fionaís assistance, immediately.

The role of comic lead definitely goes to Jaws as he gives this book plenty of humorous moments, especially as the story intensifies. Fiona is the only survivor of the Red Scarf serial killer and suddenly, copy-cat murders are happening once again. Fiona fears for the worst and knows her nightmare is not over. As the murderer heads into the Pacific Northwest, Fionaís quiet world is about to be shaken once again. But this time, she is prepared and she has numerous supporters watching over her. Will it be enough, however, for a murder that is determined to fix his one mistake?

If you have read a Nora Roberts title in the last ten years, The Search is going to be very familiar to you, both structure and plot-wise. I would truly love for Ms. Roberts to shake up her plots a bit more, but I will not complain too much since I enjoyed this book. I loved learning about the world of dog training and canine search and rescue. Fiona is passionate about her work and it shows on every page of this story. She never expected to be attracted to Simon, but she finds him appealing and that appeal shows in their dialogue together.

The love scenes are classic Nora Roberts, vague and slightly sizzling, but not the focus of the book. Unfortunately, I truly wished the identity of the killer had not been revealed so early on because it took much of the intensity out of the suspense angle of the story.

However, at its heart this is a solid love story that showcases the friendship bond that can form between people, and also examines falling in love with someone when you least expect it. Not bad summertime reading at all! No big surprises here for Nora Roberts fans, but a satisfying story nonetheless.

Reviewed in June 2010 by Sarah.

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