by Victoria Dahl

July 2010
ISBN: 978-0373774623
Reviewer Graphic Button HQN
Mass Market Paperback

Chloe Turner is not exactly living the high life. In fact, her life has gone from happiness to despair very quickly. When her fiancé jumped out of a plane in order to fake his own death, Chloe was shocked, but that shock is giving way to anger. Suddenly she is being labeled a bridezilla for acts she did not commit! Needing to escape the madness that is her life, Chloe and a friend head out of town for a little vacation.

Max Sullivan is a worry-wart extraordinaire. He has made it his life’s work to save people, particularly women, from trouble. Chloe seems a different species altogether because she is not putting up with his neurotic tendencies. She may be the most normal woman he has ever been interested in!

But of course, a vacation is not real life and real life’s problems are not going to fade away. Chloe does need saving, just not the way Max would like to do it. Chloe is capable, strong, and angry! She is tired of taking flack for lies. Chloe is about to show the world, and Max, that she can straighten out her own messes!

This book was such a role reversal in some ways for me. Chloe was definitely the more capable of the leads, while Max sometimes got on my nerves with his constant worrying. But, it was obvious early on that he cared about Chloe so that helped to dampen my ire. Despite being a treasure hunter, Max is about as normal a guy as you will read about in a romance book. He is far from perfect and in fact, relatively enjoys helping those in need, just not in a necessarily healthy fashion. I liked seeing these two clash wills because it helped balance out both characters.

Crazy for Love is not the typical Victoria Dahl story I have come to expect. This story is definitely not quite as erotic as her previous contemporaries; however, the solid base of a good romance is there to ground the story. I can always count on this author for some laughter and fun, and of course, a seriously sexy lead couple. Crazy For Love is a little bit quirky and a little bit different, but it is certainly a satisfying read.

Reviewed in July 2010 by Sarah.

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