by Mary Ann Carman

March 2003
ISBN: 1-59286-444-9
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Trade Paperback

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Ciannait, the last of the Clan Hewitt, is a witch and a healer. She dreams of a true love to last her forever. The violent death of her father overshadows these fantasies. Pushing all other feelings and thoughts aside, Ciannait vows vengeance against the murderers, but she is unprepared for the strong feelings her betrothed, Lorcan, creates inside of her.

Ciannait also overwhelms Lorcan. After meeting her, she is constantly in his thoughts. Without willing it to happen, Ciannait and Lorcan fall in love. But is it a love that can survive the danger surrounding the couple? The people Ciannait trusts the most are the ones out to destroy her. Perhaps she is destined Never To Love.

Mary Ann Carman must indeed be a sorceress herself. The story line of Never To Love is pure magic. It is breathtakingly unique with creative characters who fly from page to page. My favorite character is Ciannaitís mother, Moira. I love the way Mary Ann Carman allowed her to have a continued presence in the story.

The doses of history, medicine, and witchcraft were added in appropriate amounts, just enough to give this clever tale an interesting twist.

My only displeasure lies in the actual telling of the story itself. Though the concept once again was exceptional, the writing was somewhat choppy. I think additional editing would have corrected this error.

Though the less than flawless writing made the book a tedious read at times, it still could not distract from the pleasingly unique voice of Mary Ann Corman. It is a voice, which cast an enduring spell on me. I eagerly await Mary Annís next venture into the literary world.

Reviewed in May 2003 by Natasha.

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