by Grace Coopersmith

May 2010
ISBN: 978-1-4165-9886-2
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Trade Paperback

Nancy has always done everything right. She had been born into the right family, studied at the right schools, befriended the right people, dressed in the right clothes. She read the right books, seen the right movies, traveled to the right countries, and joined the right clubs. It seemed only natural that she would marry the right man.

And Todd seemed that way. They had the perfect honeymoon and were building the perfect house in the right location. But then, happy that things were going well, Nancy went on a vacation with her mom and came home to find out that the house plans were significantly altered. And the construction was too far along to change.

Now Nancy’s marriage is not so happy. And it gets even worse when suddenly Nancy finds herself the primary caregiver for her cousin’s child. Is there any hope for a happy-ever-after for this Bay City socialite?

Nancy's Theory of Style is the first book I read by Grace Coopersmith and it sounded like a witty, chicklit type book that I would enjoy. Unfortunately, that was not the case. Nancy is not a character I can associate with, and the whole story just seemed all fluff and no substance.

There are some very cute wordisms where Nancy pretty much invents her own words to fit the situation (such as using the word parakeet instead of budget) and the humor is good and the sarcasm is good, but the writing never gets much higher than that. If you are looking for a great read, you might consider looking further. If you are looking for something funny to stick into your beach bag, then Nancy's Theory of Style will be just the thing.

Reviewed in June 2010 by Laura.

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