by Cassie Edwards

May 2003
ISBN: 0451208412
Reviewer Graphic Button Signet Books
Mass Market Paperback

Maureen O' Rourke is an Irish watercolour artist. She arrives in Louisiana with her parents and is commissioned to paint the estate of the wealthy Taylor Clairmont, who is also the landlord of her parents' bakery.

Taylor Clairmont is a cruel and greedy man. He wants to expand his property by stealing the land from the Indians who have resided in the area for generations. His men set fire to the Worship House where an Indian boy was "fasting" to become the next shaman of Chitmacha. When the father of the boy cannot find his son, he abducts Maureen, who is mistaken as Taylor's wife, to seek revenge.

Racing Moon is the chief of the Chitimacha. He caught sight of Maureen's beauty one day accidentally when she was painting outside and found himself attracted to her instantly. When he discovers that his warlord has kidnapped her, he cannot just let her go. Maureen doesn't clear the misunderstanding of her identity until they find the missing boy. But still, Racing Moon keeps her as his prisoner.

Cassie Edwards has written over 80 Indian romances nowadays. Her tales are always pleasant and a delight to read. If you are interested in the lifestyle of American Indian tribes, the novels by Ms. Edwards will provide some of the information for you. In her recent release, Racing Moon, readers will have the pleasure to meet this tribe of gentle and peaceful Chitimacha. Both the hero and heroine are loveable and readers will immediately warmed by their love and characters. A very pleasant and relaxing read for a lazy afternoon.

Reviewed in December 2003 by Rose.

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