by Lisa Riley

April 2003
ISBN: 1-58571-093-8
Reviewer Graphic Button Genesis Press
Trade Paperback

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Caroline Singleton is an extremely successful and attractive African American artist. Having grown up in a wealthy family, she has known the finest things life has to offer, everything except for true, heart racing love.

She encounters love in the last place she expects, in the person of Brian Keenan, her new boss who just happens to be of a different race. Though Caroline has serious doubts about their different backgrounds and the impropriety of a romance between the two of them because of their working relationship, she still cannot deny the strong feelings she has for Brian.

Brian too is aware of the complications of their relationship, but he cannot deny his emotions either. If there is to be love At Last for Caroline, then something has to give. And even if Caroline and Brian can establish a relationship? Surrounded by negative opinions and a shaky foundation, and assaulted by the twisted mind of an obsessed stalker, can the relationship last?

At Last is a likeable yet somewhat unoriginal tale by Lisa Riley. Though the story is clever, beyond the race card, there isn’t much more to distinguish it from the usual tale of two who shouldn’t love because they come from different worlds.

A strong story cast is a plus for this book though. The agreeable lovers - the attractive, intelligent Caroline and the smooth and caring Brian are an exciting couple who ignite the pages of the book into flames with their passions for one another.

I would have enjoyed more suspense as to the identity of the stalker. The identity was made known almost immediately, and that was far too soon for me. There was really nothing left for me to discover, and this made the novel seem quite tiresome in places.

Reviewed in June 2003 by Natasha.

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