by Stacy Hawkins Adams

January 2010
ISBN: 978-0-8007-3268-4
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Trade Paperback

Indigo Burns' wedding preparations are coming along beautifully as Indigo plans to marry the man of her dreams. Not only that, but Indigo’s new photography career seems to be a success, and her family has healed and are doing better than ever…except for one person.

Reuben Burns is Indigo’s brother, and the family hasn’t heard from or seen him in years. But now, Reuben unexpectedly has decided to move back to Jubilant, Texas, Indigo’s home town. He apparently hopes to find a new relationship with his sisters. But the wounds inflicted are deep, and hopes for healing seem to be just pipe dreams.

Added to this, Indigo’s younger sister, Yasmin, makes a life-altering decision. Now the family has been torn apart again, and it seems only a miracle will allow them to love each other unconditionally.

Dreams That Won't Let Go is book three in Ms. Adams Jubilant Soul series. I recommend reading the series in sequence so you are current with all the events that have happened before you start this novel.

Ms. Adams is a best selling Urban author, with good reason. Her writing is stellar, with well developed characters, settings that you can envision, and a plot line that women can relate to. There is some telling in the story, but as a whole, Dreams That Won't Let Go is a book that will stay with the reader for a long time to come. Discussion questions are included at the end of the book.

Reviewed in March 2010 by Laura.

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