by Pamela Cleaver

August 2003
ISBN: 1-58749-397-7
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Belinda found her circumstances strained when her father died and despite a good offer of a Season from a wealthy cousin, she decided she would have to become a governess. Her cousin found a family in Suffolk where she could become a governess. There she meets the Sheldon family and becomes governess to the two young daughters, Sarah and Kitty. There are also four boys in the family, two still at school and two grown men. While Mark is attracted to Belinda, it is Clive,the eldest, who makes her heart race.

Belinda is a fairly good character but not terribly memorable. Clive is aloof and a bit arrogant but not in a very taking way. There are hints of romance to come as the story progresses but not a lot of passion.

The main plot of the story is a smuggling ring with constant references to the master smuggler. I canít say that the plot generated much excitement for me. It was too drawn out and the pace too slow.

The two younger boys were introduced into the story and the author kept using the slang of the time when they spoke which got a bit confusing as the words were not familiar to me as the reader. I felt the odd reference to the schoolboy slang would have been enough.

The best characters in the story were Sarah and Kitty. Some of the antics they got up to did add some humour to the story.

I felt that while the story was well enough thought out the problem was that too much detail slowed the pace down and that the story lacked tension. The characters were believable enough. They just lacked that spark that would have made them more memorable.

Reviewed in July 2003 by Mary.

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