by Cara Summers

December 2009
ISBN: 978-0-373-79515-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #511
Mass Market Paperback

What is she doing here? Police Detective Fiona Campbell wonders for the umpteenth time as she navigates the endless line of onlookers at the exhibition. She has lived in DC for the last five years and she picks today to come to the National Gallery to see a diamond. Well, not just any diamond. It is the world-famous Rubinov diamond, currently the must-see display in Washington. It is unusual for Fiona to be so impulsive, and she scoffs at the legend surrounding the stone. She has plenty to do between her job and organizing a toy drive for veterans families. So, why the sudden urge to stand in line with a few hundred other people to look at a hunk of carbon?

Boredom is D.C. Campbell's problem. He was enjoying the visit with his mom and sister, and watching them skate at the National Mall was a treat. Unfortunately, his latest injury prevented joining them on the ice and had him trapped behind a desk at Fort McNair. Running the MP detail at a small Army base was nothing compared to his last tour in Iraq and D.C. knows he is chafing for more action.

When he takes his family to the Rubinov exhibit, the last thing he expects to see is an intriguing woman, and a robbery. Both he and Fiona spring into action when thieves steal the stone. Getting more involved in the case won't be an issue, since one of the robbers is an Army private stationed nearby.

Cara Summers gives readers plenty to enjoy in her latest Blaze, Christmas Male. D.C. is a familiar character from her Twin books and it is great to see him in a story of his own. Fiona is a tough cop with a soft underbelly and quickly endears her to readers. There is lots of action, a tangled mystery to solve and plenty of fireworks as these two spirited people wrestle with their attraction. Of course, the legendary Rubinov is supposed to bring people together and there is definitely magic in the air.

Reviewed in December 2009 by Paula.

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