by Celeste O. Norfleet

April 2003
ISBN: 1-58314-402-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Arabesque Books
Mass Market Paperback

Child actress Alexandra Price has moved away from Hollywood. After growing up in the spotlight and winning all the major acting awards, including the presitigious Academy Award, she has tossed in her life in the spotlight for a reclusive life in the country.

Lance Morgan is a famous actor who is looking for that one perfect movie script to propel him into the Oscar nominations. To get that perfect script, he needs to meet the secretive Mason Turner, a best-selling author who produces gold with every word he types. Lance hopes to convince him to give him rights to his latest book.

Rumors insist that Alexandra knows Mason so Lance seeks her out. Even though he has met her before, he is startled to remember she is more charming and beautiful than ever.

Alexandra is surprised by her reaction to Lance. She thought she was satisfied with her reclusive life, but he is starting to prove her wrong. The two quickly become close and engage in a passionate affair, which leaves them both breathless and hungry for more.

But Lance has taken the easy road and hasnít been completely honest with Alexandra about his reason for meeting her. When the truth comes out, will Alexandra believe in his sincerity or will she stand convinced he is just playing another part?

Celeste Norfleet writes one heck of a tale! Since Forever is one book I didnít want to put down. A few parts of the story were a little predictable, but that didnít stop me from enjoying this finely crafted tale.

The characters were endearing, especially Alexís friend Victoria and her husband. Lance was a little irritating with his deception, but it made for a good story line. Iím just the type who generally prefers her male leads to always be good at heart. I also would have liked Alex to be feistier. She put up with a lot of crap from people, and it would have been nice if she had fought back a little more.

Itís been a while since Iíve read such an engaging novel. I highly recommend this one.

Reviewed in May 2003 by Natasha.

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