by Miranda Neville

March 2010
ISBN: 978-0-06-180870-8
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Mass Market Paperback

Juliana Merton has a passion for books, it is a passion taught to her from a young age. Books were the only link between her and the man who raised her. A man whom she secretly called Grandfather. He, however, never acknowledged their familial ties. Lord Fitterbourne denied Juliana any information at all. Juliana knew in her heart that she belonged but, oh how she wished to be publicly accepted as a legitimate member of the family! Now, as an adult that desire remains unfulfilled.

After her husband is murdered, Juliana gains full ownership of a bookstore specializing in collectible books. Unfortunately, her husbandís customers do not think a woman knows anything about book collecting and they stop coming to the shop. Juliana is left in dire straits as a result. Her rescue comes in the form of the Marquis of Chase.

Cain, the Marquis of Chase, lacks respectability for the ton does not see him as one of their own. The only place he is welcomed in is, of course, the bedroom of those same ladies who look down their noses at him in public. Cainís own parents abandoned him under false accusations while they themselves hid behind extreme religious devotion. But now his attention is focused on purchasing a book, The Burgundy Hours, that was once in his familyís possession. Cain discovers the best person to help him in his endeavor is Juliana Merton. The Burgundy Hours is being auctioned off along with other rare books owned by the Tarleton estate. There is a book which Juliana is interested in as well. A book that may be connected to the truth of her birth.

Cain and Juliana begin to help each other in their respective goals and also end up falling in love. When Cainís little sister runs away from home to seek his guardianship, Cain starts to reform his ways in order to get the courtís approval. Juliana realizes that marriage to her will not help Cainís chances, therefore she breaks off their relationship. But when someone attempts to sabotage Juliana by planting a stolen book in her shop, Cain comes to the rescue for a second time. Together they join forces to once and for all uncover the mysteries hindering their future happiness.

The Wild Marquis is my first read by Miranda Neville. It is also the first in her new series, The Burgundy Club. Ms. Neville has created a believable hero and heroine within a story that is both funny and heartwarming. I am looking forward to the next book in the series.

Reviewed in March 2010 by Rho.

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