by Jeanne Savery

April 2003
ISBN: 0-8217-7393-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

This Regency romance was everything that I expected and more!

Barbara Ruthven is beautiful, rich and independent, what more could any girl want? She is happy and content with her solitary life,running her families estate, and she has every intention of remaining a spinster.

Until, one day her cousin James suddenly announces that he will be returning home from India and that she is expected to marry him because of an agreement that was made by their parents at her birth. Barbara is so shocked by this news that she runs away…

While away from home, Barbara meets and befriends Lady Dewsbury-Morgan, Lady Morgan and her daughter, Louisa. The three ladies who have been cast out of their home after Louisa had disgraced her father by running out of the Church on her wedding day and leaving the groom deserted. Since that awful day Louisa has refused to utter a word to anyone and spends her time staring out of the window.

The four ladies immediately form a strong friendship and when Barbara hears that she is released from her wedding contract, she invites her newfound friends to come back to her home to reside with her…

Dashing Lord Calder searches high and low for his run-away-bride. With the determination that she is the only woman suitable to become his wife, he must now persuade her that he himself would be an excellent husband. After failing to find her, Lord Calder’s Aunt invites he and his cousin Quentin to come to stay with her. He immediately takes up her offer, not realizing that his Aunts intentions are for him to meet, and hopefully marry the beautiful Miss Barbara Ruthven…

Wow, I enjoyed this book immensely and I would definitely recommend it. I loved all of the characters in the book, even the wicked Sir George, who I wanted to slap across the face on more than one occasion! I really liked Barbara Ruthven because she was kind-hearted, witty and intelligent, but most of all I liked the fact that she knew exactly what she wanted and she went out and got it!

I especially loved Lord Calder, with his amusing sense of humor and the way he was sensitive to those around him. His caring nature just added more to his already wonderfully masculine appeal.

All in all, this book was beautifully written, casting wonderful pictures into the minds eye with its captivating story line. Add this to the likeable characters, lots of romance and the occasional laugh, which draws the whole book together.

Reviewed in June 2003 by Beccy.

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