by Megan Chance

January 2010
ISBN: 978-0-307-46108-8
Reviewer Graphic Button Three Rivers Press
Trade Paperback

Seattle, Washington Territory 1878: Sabine Conrad is doing a wonderful job of hiding from her past. She must never be found, or her life will be over. Now people know her as Marguerite Olson, she helps run a low class theater in Seattle. She has worked hard not to let her prima donna side show itself even if she is missing the stage and singing her beloved opera.

As each chapter is read, the reader learns the life and loves of Sabine Conrad the once talented and sought after prima donna of the opera world. She leaves behind her family to seek her future, she does bring along her brother, not by choice, but by demand of her parents; they feel she needs to be looked after. Her manager controls every aspect of her life including who she sleeps with, which includes sleeping with him. He is the reason she has to flee for her life and starts working in the low life theater

When her former life collides with her present life, she will need to decide who and what she wants to be in order to have any sort of worthwhile life. Can she learn from past mistakes to make the right decision or will the past repeat itself?

This book received some negative feedback on a website - I made the mistake of reading those before I read this book. I truly enjoyed reading this book. Megan Chance is a wonderful writer, her characters are written to be bold and big and they don't want any one's pity. The romance, mystery and secrets are as big as the characters.

Reviewed in April 2010 by Pat.

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