by Ella Drake, Elise Logan, Emily Ryan-Davis

December 2009
ISBN: 978-1-59578-660-9
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Firestorm on E’Terra

Commander Captain Samantha Varde comes from a family of military people. She is tall, beautiful and has followed the footsteps of her family and has led an illustrious military career.

Wilson Dex is a smokejumper. He lives his life taking risks to save the lives of others. He was raised as a refugee living from place to place. The only thing that saved him was some military person saw the potential that laid beneath the surface of a scrawny little refugee boy.

Sam and Dex meet and they fall head over heels into a forbidden love affair. They play zap-ball with each other, but with every meeting the feelings and passions grow and intensify. They are both hard-pressed not to act on these feelings until Dex has to take an uncalculated risks to save the lives of some villagers. They both come to realize time is fleeting and you better grab your happiness while you have a chance.

Firestorm on E’Terra was not a good read. It was far too technical about the mechanics of how certain fires worked and the details of the equipment used in the story read like a technical mechanic manual. Even the love scene fell short. I was bored reading this story. I had to skip over some parts because the military jargon was too much for this reader to take. I do not recommend reading this story.

This Fire

Eden Thomas is an emergency room surgeon. She is happy, confident and has two of the best friends in the world. Unfortunately, her best friends, Ryan and Michael, have to hide from the world their sexual orientation, therefore, she has been acting as their date for years. Its one the occasion she is acting as Ryan’s date she meets a drop dead fireman named Seth. He is hot sex on a platter, and she is itching to have a taste. There is one problem, he does not cheat or like cheaters so to him she is off limits. His groin begins to ache the minute that they meet, but he is not trying to be with her because she is there with one of his collegues. Not only that he does not understand the relationship she has with Ryan and Michael sooooo, this jealousy is eating at him. Eden does not want to “out” her two best friends because it could really damage their careers, therefore, she has been their shield. Can she keep her secret friendship and keep the man that sets her soul on fire?

This Fire is a good read. It calls to question how far should a secret in a friendship go? And if you have to choose do you pick love or friendship. What I did not like was Eden was almost like the sacrificial lamb for her friends, giving up her life in order for them to be comfortable. The love scenes are okay. Not one of my favorites, but pretty good nonetheless.

Reviewed in March 2010 by Lakisha.