by Heidi Betts

February 2010
ISBN: 978-0-312-94673-9
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Mass Market Paperback

Unfortunately, Iím a bit behind in my reading including those by authors who are fast becoming favorites and auto-buys. If youíre like me, and behind I would really like to recommend that you find and devour The Chicks with Sticks mini series by Heidi Betts.

The last title in the series is Knock Me For A Loop and is the story of television personality Grace Fisher and hockey great Zack Hoolihan. In the middle book of the series, we find out that Grace and Zack have a major breakup, and we see a side of Grace that Iím sure many of us have thought about exhibiting when a relationship goes wrong.

In Knock Me for a Loop both Zack and Grace appear to have moved on, but have they really? Zack has decided that perhaps itís time to move on, but before he can put his new plan into action he has a serious accident on the ice. His friends flock to his aide with the noticeable exception of Grace.

However, after allowing him to wallow in his misfortune for months his friends decide that perhaps itís time to see if Grace is willing to set aside her feelings of indifference and whip Zack back into playing condition.

The pages of Knock Me for a Loop fly by as Zack and Grace attempt to work through their differences. They might have different ideas about the future, but will they be able to mesh them together?

Often I feel a series can be read out of order that each book stands alone. While The Chicks With Sticks series could probably be read out of order, I think to get the full appreciation for Knock Me For A Loop that you should start at the beginning with Tangled Up In Love and read in order.

Reviewed in June 2010 by Sandi.

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