by Amanda Scott

January 2010
ISBN: 978-0-446-54134-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Grand Central Publishing
Mass Market Paperback

Lady Mairi Dunwythie is seemingly a quiet, docile daughter who will do anything to please her father and anything to preserve her clan. She is an heiress to the Dunwythie clan and will become a baroness in her own right. Unfortunately, someone feels with a mere woman in authority, they will be able to usurp control of her clan’s estates.

Robert Maxwell is warrior who is dedicated to doing the bidding of his older brother, the sheriff, and the empowerment of the Maxwell clan. When things go south with negotiations with the Dunwythies, he concocts a plan to force them to comply with the demands of his brother. He decides to kidnap Mairi. Bad idea is an understatement for what he has done. A clan war is about to erupt and to make matters worse, he is starting to have feelings for the lass! Rob and Mairi both feel obligated to their clans, but their passions are overtaking good sense. Where they were once enemies, they have discovered a love that surpasses duty.

Seduced by a Rogue was an okay read. The title grabs the attention, but the story leaves much to be desired. My question was “Where is the rogue?” The love story is somewhat bland, and the love scenes are at best lukewarm. What saves this book is the excitement at the end, and even that is somewhat anticlimactic. I believe I have read better from this particular author.

Reviewed in April 2010 by Lakisha.

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