by Candace Camp

May 2010
ISBN: 978-1-4391-1797-2
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Mass Market Paperback

The Bascombe sisters are in a real fix. Their noxious stepfather has decided that it is time for them to marry, and is courting suitors who can line his palm with the most coin. When Rose is ordered to wed one of the most disgusting men in America, they take drastic action. With their meager belongings and the household money, they book passage to England where their grandfather awaits.

They hope their grandfather, the Earl of Stewkesbury, will be benevolent toward the daughters of his disowned child, and accept them into his household. The oldest, Mary, believes that he will be glad to help them establish new lives in England. She cannot waver. Her sisters are depending on her strength.

Arriving in London, they are immediately set upon by a thief. As Mary chases the villain in most unladylike fashion, a young nobleman comes to their aid. Sir Royce Winslow cannot believe his eyes. A young woman, dressed in outdated fashion is chasing a dock thief as if her life depended upon his capture. Making sure he does not escape is simple, discovering that there is a quartet of young women in need of his help is much more complicated.

The ensuing culture clash is the premise behind Candace Camp's newest series. Starting off with A Lady Never Tells, we will follow the adventures of the Bascombe girls as they are launched into British society. The book is filled with humor and charm as the outspoken Americans are thrust into the rule-bound nobility. When danger arrives on their doorstep, the sisters discover that stuffy manners aside, bravery and duty are at the core of their English cousins.

Ms. Camp keeps A Lady Never Tells from becoming a cliched romp with her fine writing. The characters seem fresh and the plot moves at a fine pace. Fans of Quinn and Laurens will enjoy the first book in the Willowmere series.

Reviewed in May 2010 by Paula.

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