by Mary Blayney, Julia Parks, Debbie Raleigh

April 2003
ISBN: 0-8217-7491-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

Mary Blayney starts off this anthology with Child of Her Heart. Caroline Morton will do anything and everything to protect little Marguerite. Caroline was her governess during the French Revolution that left Marguerite without family. Caroline went back to her hometown to try to find her charges relatives and get back to a sort of normal life. Before Caroline can have a somewhat normal life she has to deal with her past including why she became a governess. Child of Her Heart is a wrenching story that gives hope when there is little and a love that seems impossible to keep.

Rescuing Captain Rocher by Julie Parks is the second story in this anthology. This is where two widowed parents come together to help their children. Maria is trying to enter London society and with the help of their neighbor, Lady Anne Westhaven, she does just that. Matthew, is Lady Anneís son and in trouble with some unsavory fellows. Bastien Rocher takes Matthew under his wing so to speak to help Matthew see the errors of his way. Matthew hatches a plan that puts them all into jeopardy, can Bastien find them before it is too late and will the plan be a success to bring together Anne and Bastien. That is what Anne and Matthew want, for their parents to find love once again. Rescuing Captian Rocher is a tale that brings together two stubborn people who love each other but have some adventures before they finally admit their love.

A Mother at Heart by Debbie Raleigh is the final story and it brings about old hurts and pain hoping to find the love and acceptances of loss. Julius Sutton was abandon by his mother when he was just a child, and driven away by his father. Julius was told his mother left him, but that was not the truth. He had hatred and hurt towards his mother. Mrs. Handson shows up to his door not long after he became the Lord of Rockworth, he thought she was a fraud and wanted nothing to do with her. Charity Smith was Mrs. Handson companion and Julius thought they had a scheme going on, until things didnít add up and he sent for confirmation that Mrs. Handson was his mother. Throughout the story Charity and Julius had feelings for one another but held them back. What will Julius do if Mrs. Handson turns out to not be his mother after all? What will happen to Charity if she does? Charity has set out to help those in need? Will Julius be her next cause?

A Husband For Mama is three different stories of what one will do to see the happiness of those they love. One is a governess that becomes a mother to a homeless girl that she has been caring for and teaching. Another is two children who want to see their parents happy and in love. The last one is what a friend will do to see her friend is happy in the end, and that she was able to finally right a wrong. Each story is written with emotion that will have you cheering for the goodness that each of them find in their love to one another, and have you weeping for the pain caused by the past.

Reviewed in July 2003 by Pam.