by Maria Greene

April 2003
ISBN: 0-8217-7523-5
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Mass Market Paperback

Set in Regency England, Miss Jillian Ashcroft’s family has been plagued for generations by a wicked curse, the curse has caused the ‘Ashcroft’s’ to die violently and mysteriously.

The only way to break the curse is to obtain the pendant that is keeping the curse alive. Fearing for her life, Jillian is prepared to go to any lengths to get the pendant including lies, deceit and blackmail! The pendant, which has been passed down from generation to generation by the Endicott’s, now belongs to Miss Laura Endicott the Fiancée of Sir Richard.

At first, Sir Richard is gob smacked by Miss Ashcroft’s tall stories of witches and magic, he thinks that she is completely barking mad! Then, when he refuses to help Jillian to obtain the pendant from his fiancée he is horrified by her attempts of blackmail. Miss Jillian Ashcroft has got to find a way to obtain the pendant, dispel of the curse and protect her heart.

I thought that this book had a great story line and great potential, but unfortunately I was greatly disappointed by the flatness of the romance. There was no real spark between Jillian and Sir Richard and not enough references were made to the feelings that they were supposed to have for each other. Overall the romance was lacking any real passion.

Sadly, I disliked all the main characters too, Sir Richard was spineless and Jillian was brash and undignified. The only character that I did like was Laura; I grew quite fond of her sweet nature. Her naive nature and innocence made me feel sorry that she didn’t realise that Sir Richard and Jillian were deceiving her right before her very eyes!

On the plus side however, through out the whole book, I was given the impression that the author had a real talent for writing. I know that this sounds crazy after what I just wrote. But apart from the lack of romance and the unpleasant characters, the writing technique was of a high standard. I will be keeping my eye out for another book by Maria Greene to see if I am right and this book was just a ‘bad hair day!’

Reviewed in May 2003 by Beccy.

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