by Allie Mackay

February 2010
ISBN: 978-0-451-22893-2
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Mass Market Paperback

Present day

New Hope, Pennsylvania

Mindy Menlove is the not so proud owner of an authentic medieval Scottish castle. Transported in the late 19th century to New Hope, PA by an ancestor of Mindy’s late fiancé, MacNeil’s Folly is part of an inheritance she would rather not have received. The ancient tower creeps Mindy out, and the dishonorable death of her fiancé has left Mindy with a bad taste for anything to do with the name MacNeil. Hearing of Mindy’s intentions to sell their home, the proud ghostly lairds leap from their portraits that line the castle’s gallery and convince (or rather scare) Mindy into returning the tower to it’s rightful home on the isle of Barra in the Scottish Hebrides.

Meanwhile, in another realm, Bran of Barra the keep’s original laird and its builder, has existed for 700 years since his death in his keep the way it was during his life. Here Bran hosts his "spirited" friends with lush gatherings of never ending music, drink and fine food. Bran is restless and senses something not right. Bran decides to do something he hates, venture forth to the world of the living to view his tower in the present day. Much to Bran’s horror his tower no longer exists on Barra. Then his ghostly successors arrive and announce that they have convinced the American lassie who owns the castle to bring it back. Bran travels to Penn-seel-vane-ya to meet this modern woman. Mindy Menlove is one impressive female even if she is a modern. She stands right up to the arrogant Highland warrior Bran of Barra. Can Bran convince Mindy that he and Scotland are what Mindy’s heart has been yearning for?

Some like It Kilted is written by talented romance author Allie Mackay aka Sue Ellen Welfonder. What Allie Mackay brings to life in her other paranormal and historical romances seem to be lacking in Some like It Kilted. A promising start quickly stalls with characters that are jumbled and disjointed. I had no empathy for the whiny Mindy, and Bran is one dimensional. There are some saving graces though, the comical antics of the MacNeil lairds, Ms. Mackay’s always inclusive pet dog at hand with the impish Gibby, and her colorful descriptive that captures the essence of the Scottish Hebrides.

Reviewed in February 2010 by Bonnie.

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