by Pamela Britton

April 2003
ISBN: 0-446-61129-8
Reviewer Graphic Button Warner Books
Mass Market Paperback

The setting is Regency London, turn of the 19th century. The heroine is a confident, intelligent beauty, aware of who she is and who she isnít, what she wants and whom she never wants to set eyes on again. The hero is a rogue, rumored to have shot his brother for a dukedom. Maligned from a young age, and cursed to lose all that he loves, he accepts his title of notorious rake. It is rumored that to love him is to die.

Elizabeth wants nothing to do with him and tries to keep away. Naturally he is drawn to the dark haired, beautiful outcast, the one woman who is strong enough to publicly distain him. Initially, sheís a challenge, something to fill his empty life. Truthfully, he cannot forget the chemistry of their first encounter. He senses a kindred soul, and he couldnít be more correct. Lucien is the rake we all love to read about and empathize, and Elizabeth is his mirror image, both strong of heart and spirit. She struggles with this alchemy all the way to the altar, and their marriage becomes a scintillating battle. I really enjoyed the bickering because she was always so serious, and he toyed with her thinking he was the grand seducer. Being a woman of enormous pride, she finally submits only when imprisoned by passion and in turn, seduces him.

Now Elizabeth must face her passion just as Lucien is taken from her. As strongly as she fought the ties that bound them together, now she must loose everything to save him from his past and himself.

I really enjoyed this story. The strength of this book was the well-written dialogue.

The story isnít anything complicated, but itís worth the time to read because the characters are so honest and matched. Instead of the chemistry of opposites attracting, this one is fire meets fire. The book was one I couldnít put down and lingered long after I was finished! Ms. Britton is truly a wonderful writer. Do yourself a favor and become Seduced!

Reviewed in June 2003 by Suemarie.

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