by Caren Lissner

June 2003
ISBN: 0-373-25029-0
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Trade Paperback

Carrie Pilby, self professed bed body, is a nineteen year old genius who gave up on fitting in a long time ago. Watching movies alone in her apartment and debating the world’s hypocrisies with her therapist, Dr. Petrov, are her hobbies. When she is challenged by Petrov to enter the world she shuns, Carrie opens herself up to things she’s never experienced. And in the end, amidst new friendships and a new outlook on life, she comprehends perhaps the most important thing any person can ever know - it’s okay to be you.

Read this novel and you’ll discover it to be your coffee in the morning and that jolt of energy which jump starts you in the middle of a tedious afternoon. Carrie Pilby provokingly reveals a candid glimpse of a person’s search for meaning and identity in life. Using shrewd insight, dry wit, and an engaging writing technique, Caren Lissner does a superb job of taking the reader inside the constantly, churning mind of Carrie Pilby.

The creation of Carrie herself is a sheer marvel of literary talent. Carrie could be any person, perhaps she even is all of us with her questions and doubts about life. For that reason, her thoughts quickly latch onto the reader’s mind. In turn, this much welcome intrusion sends the reader down a path of involuntary self discovery.

Carrie’s supporting cast is just as strong and attractive, from the charismatic minister, Joe Natto to Dr. Petrov with his own secrets and to the fun loving Kara. The character ensemble is outstanding!

The brilliant writing and the splendid characters make this one outstanding book. Reading it is actually a perfect excuse for not leaving your apartment.

Reviewed in July 2003 by Natasha.

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