by Lynsay Sands

February 2010
ISBN: 978-0-06-134479-4
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Mass Market Paperback

In the tumultuous days since they fought their way out of prison to find their way home, Crusader Englishmen Lord Will Montagne and his Scottish friends led by fierce Highlander Laird Kade Stewart had met with another disaster, a shipwreck resulting in a traumatic head wound to Kade. Will drags his best friend Kade back to his home and to the care of his sister Lady Averill Montagne.

Averill Montagne has seen a lengthy parade of would be suitors. All fled Castle Montagne after meeting Averill. It's true what the rumors say, Averill is ugly what with her unruly mane of orange hair and her strawberry “devil’s” mark on her cheek. Add to that her stuttering and the worst of all, her fiery temper, no man in England would step up to take her to wife. No one that is until Kade awakes with slightly blurred vision to an angel with a gentle touch and soft voice soothing his weary soul and aching head.

Afraid that once Kade “sees” her he will no longer desire her, Averill tries to keep her temper under control, but Kade wonders if this meek English lady would survive the hardships of the Scottish Highlands. That is until he gets full sight and taste of his tempestuous bride’s passion. How could these Englishmen not desire the gorgeous reddish blond curls flowing down that curvaceous backside and the supposed birthmark is nothing but a small little mark. It’s more like a dimple in a lovely face with lips made for kissing. That is exactly what Kade begins doing every time Avy starts stuttering. Just grab her in his arms and drug her with his sensuous kisses, Averill forgets all about her nervousness. But danger looms at Castle Stewart as Laird Kade takes his new love home, can the Hellion keep her Highlander safe?

No one writes a medieval romance quite like author Lynsay Sands. Her patented formula of the “not-so-standard-issue-beauty” is evident in heroine Averill Montagne. Made to feel inferior for her so-called defects, only Highlander Kade Stewart sees the beauty of Avy not only on the inside, but the outside as well. Great story, good laughs, a fun cast make The Hellion and The Highlander another hit for Sands.

Reviewed in February 2010 by Bonnie.

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