by Sherryl Woods

April 2010
ISBN: 978-0-7783-2736-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Mira Books
Mass Market Paperback

What better way to welcome spring back into our lives than to be able to sit down with a book by a beloved author, a cool drink, and dreams of young love blooming? Fortunately for fans of Sherryl Woods they are getting just what they have been clamoring for, a new Sweet Magnolia Story...Home in Carolina.

Home in Carolina is finally the story of Ty and Annie. Their moms have been best friends since they were young, and as the way moms do, they had dreams of their children marrying, and cementing the bonds of friendship into one of extended family. For awhile it looked like Ty and Annie would do just that. However, Tyís baseball career and the distance physically between them, also drove an emotional wedge between the two, and one that might not easily be removed.

When Ty injures his shoulder and needs surgery and rehab, he goes home to Serenity to not only fix his physical injuries, but the emotional ones between him and Annie. However, Annie has quite the wall up and Ty is faced with not only scaling her emotional wall, but the physical one that the people who know and love Annie seem to have put up around her as well.

Annie is battling her need to help Ty heal his shoulder with her need to keep her distance from him so as to protect her emotions. With every step forward that Annie seems almost ready to take something happens and drives Annie further from Ty than she would have thought possible.

To find out what ruined what seemed like a perfect love and to see if it can be fixed youíll have to read Home in Carolina for yourself.

Iím confident that when you do youíll be as satisfied with the story as I was, and that even though there were threads that will eventually lead to other stories, you wonít feel as though the story of Ty and Annie was short changed. If thereís a flaw to the ending of Home in Carolina itís only that now I have to wait for the next title in the series, and Iím impatient!

Reviewed in March 2010 by Sandi.

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